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Ok, so your New Year’s resolution about starting to go to the gym didn’t work out as you planned. Some studies suggest that eighty percent of people drop their resolution by February. If you are one of the people that fall under that eighty percent, do not worry! This article will help you find a way to get yourself to the gym, even if you don’t want to.

Establish Your Goals

What is it that you want to get out of working out? Before you set foot in a gym, it is vital to identify the purpose of you exercising. Be as specific as possible with your goal. If you are unsure what your ultimate goal is then pick something that you want to be better at. Whether you want to run faster or become a better swimmer, the motivation behind your workouts is crucial to you sticking to your plan.

Start Small

You want to avoid going to do a workout with high levels of motivation. Although in your mind you believe you can lift all of the weights, your body may be saying something else. Motivation is good and can be helpful in your workouts but not before you form a habit of exercising regularly. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, start slow and understand that showing up at the gym is more than half the battle. Also, understand that starting “small” may mean different things for different people. Try not to think that you need to do exactly what the person next to you is doing. Go at your own pace and soon it will become a lifelong beneficial habit.

Expect Failures

There will be times during your fitness journey that you will slip up. It is inevitable and is natural for someone who may be just starting to go to the gym. If you miss a workout or have a cheat meal, do not be discouraged. What makes a workout plan successful is someone who gets up after they have slipped. Accept that you have had a setback and continue working on your fitness goals to form them into lifelong habits.


It is easy to focus on the things you have not achieved yet. Stray away from thinking that you are required to be at a certain point along your fitness journey. Everyone moves at their own pace, and you ultimately decide how much you put forth in your efforts. Focus on things you have accomplished so far, as little as they may seem to you. You are one step closer to reaching your goals. The best thing to do is to keep on keeping on.